Claverack Creek Hemp

Our NOFA-NY certified organic hemp is grown on a historical piece of
farmland outside of Hudson, NY. We practice organic farming methods
outlined by the USDA to ensure sustainabilty for our planet and to
ensure the highest quality flower the sun can give you. We have a
passion for cannabis cultivation and curating flower that will satisfy
the novice and the connoisseur.

What Certified Organic Means

A google search of "organic hemp flower" yields many top sites who use the word "organic" but have no organic accreditation. While others may claim to be "organic" or "naturally grown" we have the certification to prove it.

Our Way of Growing

We use locally sourced farm composts and Atlantic sourced nutrients to grow our plants. We grow outdoors with the elements for ecological sustainability and because we believe it provides a full spectrum affect on the flower as nature intended. When you buy indoor flower you are purchasing a higher carbon footprint than outdoor sungrown flower.