We are a small certified organic farm located outside of Hudson, NY. We specialize in growing hemp flower from the sun in native soil. Planting our hemp starts directly into the ground we can utilize the natural soil web just like the generations prior to us.

We start our season out with testing our soil for amending to ensure a healthy amount of nutrients in the soil. This helps reduce run-off and a balance in the soil to promote a healthy microbe population. Our farmland is historic and we aim to keep it that way for the generations to come. Our certification and dedication to organic agriculture runs deep in the core of our company.

We are humbled to grow such a miraculous plant that has been utilized by humanity in so many ways. From medicine to food to clothing to shelter, Cannabis spp. is our way of moving forward and connecting with our inner human roots. 

Our aim is to place aroma, consistency and potency at the forefront of our flower.