Sour Suver Haze

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Bred from Oregon CBD Seeds, this flower is a cross of Suver8GG#4 CBD Conversation. The profile is sour, earthy and somewhat sweet to make a delicious funky turpentine smell. Fills the whole room with a wonderful scent. The flowers are very resinous. Uplifting effects.

Top Cannabinoids

Total CBD: 21.00%

Total CBG: .5371%

Delta-9 THC: .0458%

Total Cannabinoids: 26.44%


Top Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Ocimene


All amounts come shipped with Boveda packs (62%) to ensure consistency. 




Cultivators note: This plant was explosive in the field, and had a tall upright growth pattern. Vibrant greens and impressive stacking of the funky-sweet buds.


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Although this is a legal hemp product, You may still fail a drug test for THC;

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